Prepared with Chef special mixed spice, curry leaves, touch of lemon juice a bell peppers, served with puri
Puff pastry with savoury fillings with seasonal vegetable

Potato cakes fill with spinach,cumin, vegetable and chef special spice and deep fried until golden
Minced Vegetable mixed with herbs and spices on a skewer and put it in Clay oven.


Spinach and potato and vegetable mix dumpling with golden raisins tomato basil sauce.
Seasonal vegetable sautéed with curry leaves, ginger, mustard seeds. Coconut, tamarind juice a fresh chillies added to create a blend to sweet, sour a hot taste.

Baby Aubergines cooked with mustard, curry leaves and other spices.
A truly authentic dish. One of the most popular dishes of the Asian sub-continent. Cooked with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, with tempering of crushed coriander seeds and spicy red chillies

Yellow Lentils with fried garlic tarka.